STAR MMA is a group of passionate people who decided to devote their time and energy to POPULARIZING THE SPORT and proving that everyone can practice it.


We strongly believe in the idea that gathers universal values to MOTIVATE PEOPLE to get up from the couch and act. It proves that if you really want, you can achieve absolutely anything.An important part of our activity are CHARITY EVENTS during which we initiate fundraising to popularize sport among the youngest.


Through initiated activities, we want to HELP CHILDREN and fight for them as they cannot fight for themselves yet.


The aim of the STAR MMA federation is to organize a series of INTERNATIONAL SPORT CHARITY EVENTS in capitals around the world. Each event will be preceded by a 14-DAY CAMP FOR ATHLETES located in various places around the world. All preparations, training and last moments before the event will be recorded and broadcast worldwide.


We want to prove that THE GREATEST NAMES IN THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA can step in and do something extraordinary and beyond the routine of their daily lives. Thanks to this, they will demonstrate that it is effective method to improve yourself, and at the same time, is a great way to help those in need by collecting funds to support the youngest.

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